Hello America, thank you Americans!


My name is David Engelin, I am 18 years old and live in Sweden. I just want to thank the population of The United States of America for your choice of president for 2009-2013. Myself is a Obama very big supporter and think, and hope, he will lead the whole world to a better place. But this is not a post about Obama, it is a post about a people who have risen in popularity since 4 november, it is a post, and a thank, to a people who dared to cast a vote for something new, something historic.
What you have done will forever be remembered by peolple all over the globe, and I am one of them. The fact that a nation like America have chosen a black president is one of the things that will be a landmark for the first half of this centrury, and will send out a positive picture of the American people. Something thats been very rare the last couple of years.
So thank you all Amercians who have voted in favour of your new president. I hope he will turn out to be just as good as he seems, and that the nation of America will once again show the rest of the world just how incredible your nation is.

Yours truly

David Engelin


~ av d. på januari 19, 2009.

Ett svar to “Hello America, thank you Americans!”

  1. ”Myself is a Obama very big supporter”? förlåt för petigheten. ”I, myself, is a very big Obama supporter and I think, and hope….” borde det nog vara? och november med stort N. :) och people skrev du nog lite snabbt hehe. :* annars var det bra och du har med allt jag skulle vilja säga till amerikanerna!
    (obs, garanterar inte att sätten jag rättade är rätt. men ja. skitsamma.) kram. /F


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